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archicad 19 and tempalte from archicad 18

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I have loaded template from archicad 18 to 19.
Now when I try to add sill to window I get error:
file not found at line 1018 in 3d script of the sill.gsm
this is for metal sill.
error number is 476 if I have timber sill.

I tried to reload archicad 19 libraries but problem remained.
What should I do?

I have copied fills from archicad 19 template to my file and problem was solved, but new one emerged. Then I loose all my fills which I need in all of my projects and are connected to building materials. So I have to redefine all building materials. I would be happy to find which fill does archicad need.
Those problem reports are not sufficient and precise enough.
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I have noticed if I load fills from default archicad template I get rid off problem. I would like to know which exactly fill is cause to this problem.

Does anyone know that?

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