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folding doors

peter spellman
I am looking for an object that can create a folding door as opposed to a
pocket door (commercial example is for a nanawall )

Is there one in AC11 that I am missing.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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See this thread -

It points you in the direction of a French library part on Abvents site. I did download it, but it seemed to be partially broken and couldn't decipher it easily enough for it to be of use to me. You may have more luck!

I'm thinking I might try to code one myself one day if I'm bored. How difficult could it be?!

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peter wrote:
(commercial example is for a nanawall )
Having just gone thru this with that brand on a commercial project my suggestions are:

1. Make darn sure you and the client want to use them. I put them, at the clients request, in for an 11'x 14' opening during design and when priced it was nearly $24,000 or over $1700 /lf. I later learned they on average they run 1300 to 1500/ lf. Storefront with a pair of 5 x 8 doors was about 1/4 that amount. Guess what the client really wanted?:wink:

2. If you are looking for the open, mostly glass, appearance your head height needs to be in the 7' to 8' range. In the example above they had to used 5 panels. So it ended up looking like a prison window.

All that being said we modeled it by doing an empty door opening with slab built door panels and not worrying about how it looked on plan.


Gerald Hoffman
I am doing a house where we will probably use the Nanowall doors because of exposure but as said already they are expensive. CadImage's D&W Builder will make this kind of door up very nicely.

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