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global Window / Door Dimension Marker settings

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I'm searching - without luck - for the way to change all the window /door markers, in our base file.

What I'd like to do is change the default font and font sizes and to have AC11 default to:
Show Sill Value - Off
Marker Options - Show ID - On

I'm a newcomer to editing GDL, but willing to get my hands dirty.
I've successfully changed the default trim parameters, but the Marker is in a different place I haven't found yet...



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Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
You will need the Open Object by Subtype command.
It can be found in the Edit GDL Library Parts toolbar.
Or you can add it to a menu in the Work Environment.

When you use the command, the Dialog in the image will appear.
See image for the location of the Window-Door Markers.
If you select a Marker, in the Location filed you will see that these are either stored in the ArchiCAD.dll file or in the Object Library 12.lcf file.
The one in the ArchiCAD.dll file you cannot change and overwrite it back into the file. Save it under a new name (use the Create Clone button at the bottom of the Dialog) and modify that.
For the other Markers located in the LCF file: you can either save them under new names and modify those (then you will have to make sure they are located in loaded libraries), or you can overwrite the ones in the LCF file. To do this, first you need to extract the LCF file, then reload libraries, then open the Marker, modify it, save the modifications and then create the LCF file again overwriting the previous version. Then you will have them with your settings as defaults in the LCF file.
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