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how could i reimport the missing objects?

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hello everyone
when i open an archicad file, it reminds me that i have some missing objects, since i have these gsm files, how could i import these objects to my archicad file to replace the missing objects
Gerald Hoffman
It is likely that the program is looking for those objects in a location that is no longer a valid location. You will have to open your library manager and add those objects from wherever they are located on your computer. Archicad stores the location of files where they were last located so if you are opening the project on a different computer or moved the library location it will not be able to find them.

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Barry Kelly
If you load those objects one by one in the Library Manager you will find that they load into the 'Embedded' library and will now be part of the PLN file.
You can even delete the source files (not recommended though) and they will remain (and be usable) in the PLN.
An embedded library object is not available to any other PLN files - however you can export an embedded object from a PLN and then can load it (as embedded or linked (see below) into any other PLN).

If you load the objects as a group (i.e. you load a folder that contains the objects) then they will load as a 'Linked' library.
So long as this linked folder path remains the same then the library will load automatically when you open the PLN.
If the folder path should change for any reason you simply have to link to the new location.

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