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Libraries & objects
About Archicad and BIMcloud libraries, their management and migration, objects and other library parts, etc.

library parts and manager

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I just down loaded a window gsm into a folder, then used the library manager to add the window. the manager says that the window is in my linked library in it's own folder. when i open the object tool and try find it, it's not there. how does this work? what am i doing wrong?
better yet, can some one explain the process of adding an object i've found online to my project, or a fold for use in other projects. i can't seem to find anything about this in the AC helpless.

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If its subtype is "window" you will use the Window Tool to place it, not the Object Tool.

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i see, so each object type, ie. window, roof window etc has it's own linked library? i guess that makes sense. thanks

Barry Kelly
wildernessbob wrote:
i see, so each object type, ie. window, roof window etc has it's own linked library? i guess that makes sense. thanks
Not quite.
You may only have one linked library and it can contain many library objects that only work with certain tools.
i.e. windows = window tool
doors = door tool
skylights = skylight tool
lights = light tool
stairs = stair tool
other objects = object tool

You can load as many library folders as you want (just be carefule of duplicate objects.

Now that 14 and 15 have "Embedded" libraries you need to be a little careful when loading library parts with the library manager.
If you load just single library parts they will automatically become part of your Embedded library.
If you load a folder that contains library parts then that will be treated as a separate library taht can be loaded/unloaded as you wish.

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Excellent explanation, Barry, as always.

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so i added the custom library folder with the library manager, and i shows up there, but now it says there are duplicate library parts. how and where do i find these? if i click on the "libraries with duplicate parts" thing there is another thing that says i have "custom library - custom library (1)" i can't delete this, so all i can see is to delete my custom library. then i have no custom library. i can't find this duplicate they're talking about.
Screen shot 2012-04-27 at 11.40.27 AM.png

David Maudlin

Did you place your Custom Library inside one of the other loaded libraries? Also, using the Library Loading Report palette will give you more detailed information about the duplicates.

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As I recall there have been numerous discussions about library management. A search of the archives might help. There may also be more info on the wiki or in some tutorials. Has Eric done anything on this yet?

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