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modify Label text background pen for AC Property value

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In expressing the element ID by modifying the existing Label GDL library
 I want to create a GDL library that checks the value of a specific property and automatically sets the background color of the label if it has a certain value.
For example, if you select General Label and set the following name, turn off all values ​​other than the element id, and only the element id is selected, the attribute "PC Zone" is set to "Zone 01" Do not. What is the problem?

! ================================================== ============================
! Get the value (s) of the stored property
! ================================================== ============================

_valueString = ""
dim _propertyValues ​​[] []
_dim1 = 0
_dim2 = 0

n = REQUEST ("Property_Value_Of_Parent", "PC Zone", _type, _dim1, _dim2, _propertyValues)

if n then
! change zeros to ones - it is easier to handle all possible arrays in a double loop
if _dim1 = 0 then _dim1 = 1
if _dim2 = 0 then _dim2 = 1

for i = 1 to _dim1
for j = 1 to _dim2
if (i + j)> 2 then _valueString = _valueString + ";"

if _type = 4 then! Type is string - no conversion needed
_stringPropValue = _propertyValues ​​
else! bool, real, integer types - conversion needed to string
_valueToConvert = _propertyValues ​​
gosub "convertToString"
_valueString = _valueString + _stringPropValue
next j
next i
if _valueString = "Zone 01" then
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