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object library - 3452 missing objects

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wondering, when i start up archicad 12 the library loading manager says there are approx 3452 library objects not found. I have loaded all libraries that i have, the upgrade archicad 11 to 12 library for archicad select and the archicad 11 mitigation library (as project was first started on archicad 11), also each new object or library i download i have made sure i still load it each time i start, so was wondering if this is a normal thing.



Karl Ottenstein
I have deleted your duplicate post in another forum. Please post once and in the correct forum - which you have done with this post.

When you start from the standard template for your country, there should be NO library errors - no missing, no duplicates. Verify that that is the case.

To have 3,452 objects 'not found' is pretty bizarre. If you load this 11 project with just the same libraries used in 11, do you have any error messages?

You should NOT be loading every library that you have! How about two screenshots: one of the libraries listed as being loaded by library manager, and another showing part of the error report, with the list of 'missing objects' expanded to show the names of some of them.

This 'upgrade for archicad select' must be a country specific library - so somebody from Australia will have to address that...

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I'm guessing that as the Library loading report says Missing / Doubles that you actually have 3452 DUPLICATE objects, as it would be rare to have 3452 individual objects in a project, and if they were missing there would be big black dots everywhere. Duplicates are the result of multiple libraries being loaded with the same objects in them.

Graphisoft Partner
Graphisoft Partner
renee83 wrote:
...and the archicad 11 mitigation library...
Now's there's a library I'd like to see!


The one that mitigates all of the modeling shortcomings with special objects. Except there's so many of them you can't remember which one to use.
Dwight Atkinson

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