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Archicad 26 Student License - No Authentication Key Provided


I have just been approved for my student 1-year license of Archicad 26, and have received my serial number, which was much quicker than expected. However, I cannot use my license because the Graphisoft License Manager Tool is asking for my authentication key, and one has not been provided. My Archicad says my trial has run out and I can only run in demo mode. I have tried to use the serial number as my authentication key, with no success and I am left quite lost. I need to get on with work urgently, I have rung up my Graphisoft distributor twice, who have told me student cases are not a priority, and have provided no timeline of when or if it may be resolved, but have passed on my case. 

Is there something I am missing? Graphisoft LMT says I need to contact my local distributor (code: 1038), but it seemed like this was irregular when I did ring.

Eduardo Rolon

You need to reinstall AC and choose serial number at the start. You don't need to use LMT.

Eduardo Rolón AIA NCARB
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