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Can`t access my purchased license and files


I was at the end of my license cycle and I purchased a new Archicad Solo license 2 days prior to the license expiration date.  When the expiration date came, I found that I can`t access neither my old license, nor the new one. I see that my new license is attached to my account in the cloud licensing centre, but nevertheless Archicad won`t start. I tried both accessing the account from other computer, starting the trial license from the fresh Graphisoft ID - but I remain completely locked out of the software. 
Obviously, I can barely access my files (only via demo mode) and can`t work in a meaningful way, nevermind the looming deadlines or having to respond to the requests of workers on site. 
Although I requested support right away - there is no solution yet for a week now, which is problematic to say the least. I welcomed the cloud license, as, in theory, it would allow me to easily swap between the workstation and laptop in case of power failures and blackout, which are something that ukrainians have to encounter regularly now - but now it lets me down in the most basic situation. 


Operating system used: Windows 10, 11


Setup info provided by author