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CodeMeter protection known issues

Akos Karoczkai


A free license is needed for the borrow operation

UPDATE: In ARCHICAD 15 this has been fixed. (Make sure you have only one ARCHICAD session running on the computer where you would like to borrow a license.) For the borrow operation one free license is needed. If you haven't got a free license close your ARCHICAD on the computer where you would like to borrow a license (then this license will be free) and borrow from the CodeMeter Control Center.
  • run CodeMeter Control Center from Applications/using the Start menu
  • choose the Borrow tab
  • select the license and borrow
  • the return can be done from here as well
To make it possible to borrow a license using CodeMeter Control Center an inactive license file is required, which is registered by ARCHICAD. To create that first try to borrow using ARCHICAD (Help/License Information) - generate the license file by following the instruction, close ARCHICAD and borrow using CodeMeter Control Center.

Protection key is not responding

In most of the cases this error comes when ARCHICAD runs in the background. Possibly there is no problem with the protection key itself, by selecting ARCHICAD the message should disappear. Of course when loosing connection to the CodeMeter server this also appears, in that case verify the server and the network connection.

License will be broken if not uploaded back to pool before saving with Time Machine

All the borrowed licenses should be returned and software keys should be uploaded back to the pool, before saving point with Time machine, otherwise they will get corrupted. It works like that to prevent duplication of Licenses.

Borrowing stops to work or the license cannot be returned

You can find the description of this issue here.

The computer does not start when a CodeMeter key is plugged in

This problem only occurs occasionally on Windows operating systems. The computer recognizes the CodeMeter key as an USB storage drive and tries to boot from that. Here is how you fix it:
  • Search for CodeMeter Command Prompt and double-click to run it.
  • A command window will appear.
  • Type the following & press Enter or Return:   cmu32/sx-xxxxxxx --set-config-disk RemovableDisk
Where x-xxxxxxx is the serial number printed on the USB key starting with the first number digit after "SN:" Make sure you include a space after x-xxxxxxx and disk Example:
  • As it prompts in the command window, unplug and re-plug the CodeMeter key back in.
  • Finish.
To Reset to Default: Repeat the above using the command below instead: cmu32/s0-0000000 --set-config-disk LocalDisk If your key's Firmware version is lower than 1.16, then:
  • Open CodeMeter Control Center from All Programs/CodeMeter/CodeMerter Control Center
  • Click on your key
  • Check the version, and if it is lower than 1.16 then click the icon near that to update the firmware

Nothing happens when clicking on connect - first time borrowing

In case you are about to borrow the first license, ARCHICAD tries to connect to the GRAPHISOFT server. (CodeMeter/LicenseBorrowing#InactiveLicense) There are cases where it fails - get you simply back to the previous dialog. In that case:
  • try to borrow again and use the offline way - generate request (as described here.)
  • try to import back the result file
  • if it also fails open CodeMeter Control Center
  • select the license visible there on the list (not starting with 2 or 128)
  • click on license update and use the file you downloaded from the GRAPHISOFT site

Recycle Bin does not work while the license key is plugged in

Change the Drive letter of the key. To do that plug the key then open the Disk Manager. You can open the Disk Manager by right click on My Computer/Manage, or by Start/Run - diskmgmt.msc. Right click on 'CODEMETER' then select 'Change drive Letter and Paths'. Select the drive letter and Remove it.

Cannot Return License

In case the license cannot be returned it worth it to check where the CodeMeter driver wants to return the license
  • open a CodeMeter WebAdmin
  • Content/Licenses/ click on the Product Code (61) near the Graphisoft Borrowing License
  • the Borrow Server field show the server's name or IP
The system administrator might help how to make possible to reach the server using that name. In many cases it is worth it to change how the server is identified by the clients. By default this is based on the server's hostname, but in many cases the clients cannot reach the server on the name as it nows about itself. (Networks without a DNS server, mixed environment - Macs+PCs). Here you can find how to change this on the server side: CodeMeter/LicenseBorrowing#How_to_set_up_a_CodeMeter_license_server Only the computer name identifies the server Sometimes the value contains only the computer's name (computer) and not the full domain name. ( In the network settings it can be made possible to reach the server.
  • on Mac: Open System Preferences, Network, select the used connection type, enter the domain in the Search Domains field (
  • on Windows: Control Panel, Network and Internet, Network Connection, select the used connection type, right click, properties, select the used protocol, properties, advanced, dns tab, enter the domain in the Append these DNS suffixes field (

Borrowing doesn't work on Virtual Computers

License Borrowing - Act (Soft) is not supported on clients, which are virtual machines. The following error messages indicate that, during the License Update process. Using Connect option:
At Request file creation:
Borrowing licenses is not allowed to Virtual Machines.

Cannot repair CodeMeter driver

On some Windows computers when running the installer of the CodeMeter driver - in repair mode - it gives Internal Error 2324.2 C:\Windows\system32\ WibuCmWeb64 .dll error message. The workaround is to uninstall the driver and install it again.
Before doing that make sure there aren't any licenses in borrowed state.

A single key cannot be used as a server key

With Wibu keys it was possible to use a key that has a single license as a server key. With CodeMeter protection you need a NET key for that.

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