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Exporting 3d Models to Artlantis in Mac!!

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I recently shifted from Windows to Mac, and i'm using ArchiCAD 11. in this imac machine..
Now i have a problem... I can not export my 3d-Models to Artlantis for i can't find the option at the save as!....
If there's any help on this one... i'll be glad to receive it!
Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
If no one can give you info here, you still have your best friend named Google.
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You have enough credentials.

Do you really mean to start over with several more years of study?

While numerous art colleges offer modeling and animation courses, do you really mean to spurn your serious architectural training for the superficial?

With all due respect: Even if you are independently wealthy [or your dad is] it is time to get a job. At this stage in life, modeling and presentation skills are crafts you will best develop in your spare time through experience in an architectural firm - real world illustrating.

I know how seductive computers can be, but you have been prepared for a greater intellectual challenge - actually creating built form.

While initially the idea of illustrating architecture seems more interesting than grunting [and snorting] in an office learning flashing details, as an illustrator, having some dullard with half your art skills defining the art direction damages the psyche. I know.

As an aside: for example of how animation school can go wrong, see this modeling school project:
Dwight Atkinson
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