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Material psets lost in IFC export when modelled as part of composite

Jonas RG

Hi guys.

I am currently working on my exam project and have come across a problem I am hopefull the community can help me with.

I have made psets (enviromental datas) on material level and when exported the psets come out fine, the problem is that when these materials are put together as composites the psets gets lost in the export.


As you can see on the image below, the psets "Klimaregnskap" shows up on a wall set up by only the material "YV-klimakledning"



The same material is used on the composite wall "Klima - YV" but now its missing its psets.



All the data shows in the schedules on Archicad as planned so I know they are there, its getting them out on IFC thats the problem.






I have searched online for a sollution to this, but cant find anything, I would highly appreciate your help in solving this.


Best regards Jonas


Operating system used: Windows 11


Setup info provided by author