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Floating licenses

Emoke Csikos

Who should read this article?

This article is for you if:

  • You already have an Archicad subscription - Note: the floating license feature will be available to you from July 10, 2024.

  • You are thinking of buying a new subscription now, and you have never had a Graphisoft subscription before. - Note: In case of new purchases, the floating license feature is available from July 8, 2024.


What are floating licenses?

Cloud licenses can be named or floating:

  • Named licenses are assigned to specific users.

  • Floating licenses are not connected to specific users and can be used on demand without the need for assigning them to users.

  • Administrators can turn floating licenses into named licenses and then back to floating.


How do floating licenses work?

  • The user will dynamically reserve a license when the application starts. When they close the application, the license is shortly released to the license pool and becomes available to other users. When they start their application, the license is reassigned to the new user. These all happen fully automatically.
  • The license is not released and does not become available immediately after closing Archicad. It is automatically released back to the license pool 30 minutes after closing the application. This is designed to cover the gaps of short internet connection losses. Archicad can work offline for 30 minutes with a floating license. (Archicad can work offline with a named license too. See details here.)


What are the benefits of floating licenses?

There is no need to manually assign licenses to users. They get reserved and released when users start and close the application. Teams need to deal less with license management when relying on floating licenses. Licenses are more flexibly available to the team members compared to named licenses.



Where can I learn more about floating licenses and their management?

Read the following article series on Graphisoft Support Site:


If you are new to cloud licenses, you can learn the basics from this article:

Getting started with Graphisoft cloud licensing - Graphisoft Community

For further questions and answers regarding cloud licensing, please read this article:

Cloud licenses vs. Key-based licenses: Frequently ... - Graphisoft Community

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