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Graphisoft License Manager Tool - Server Connection Error

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Hi there
Installed AC22, then ran the GS LMT 'Server Connection Error' occurs.
Completed uninstall and reinstallation, problem not solved.
Computer specific as installation and GS LMT works fine on other computers.
Noted that computer is running Windows 10 Pro and internet security trusted sites is greyed out (cant be changed).
Local ArchiCAD support services have been contacted without any successful remedies.
Any help that can be provided would be appreciated

Sounds like License Manager Tool cannot access these Services:


The complete List is available here:

Some Thoughts:
Since "internet security trusted sites" settings are rather Edge or IExplore specific and other PCs seem to work fine, I would rather check the Windows Defender and the Firewall settings.
Also keep in mind that your Company may run a Firewall that need to allow the connection.
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