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License Pooling

Tamas Gaspar

What is a License Pooling?

License pooling (aka Floating licensing or Network licensing) is a software licensing option available for customers with NET licenses, allowing several users on the same TCP/IP network to share access to product licenses provided by one or many central license servers. This approach is usually used for high-value applications in corporate sectors and software industry.

How does it work?

For authorized users who want to run the software (start Archicad), a license will be requested from the central license server. If a license is available, the server will assign it to the user’s network and allow the application to launch. The number of available licenses in the pool will be reduced by one. By the end of using the software, or when the allowed license period expires (in case of borrowed license), the license is reclaimed by the central server. The license returns to the pool and becomes available to other authorized users. Only one license is used for multiple sessions of Archicad on an individual computer. When the last session is closed, the license is released.


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