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Mac Studio M1 Max with Archicad 22



I have just purchased a Mac Studio, I am currently running Archicad 22 (I couldn't afford both the upgrade software and new computer). Mac Studio won't recognise my software key, although Archicad runs fine in demo mode so the actual programme is running well, and fast.

I had a hardware key- didn't recognise it; so purchased a software key- that still won't work.


If I upgrade my Archicad will that work or is the M1 Chip just not compatible?


Have used Archicad for 20+ years


Emre Senoglu

I am currently running AC25 on a MBP with M1 Pro chip - it runs perfectly fine. Starting with AC26, there will be native support for Apple M series chips. Currently they are in tech preview, and you can download the installer here.


Also you might want to check the current status on the new MacOS release from this week:

Ventura Release 


The license thing could be a bug.

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Barry Kelly

I don't have a Mac so I can't really help.

If you can run 22 in demo mode, I would suspect it is not a problem with the Archicad software.

If it can't find a license then I would be looking at the Codemeter software.

Look on the Graphisoft website for updated Codemeter software, or maybe install 25 or 26 so it does the update for you.

I know you can't use it (except in demo mode) but it should install all the latest drivers.




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