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Student Archicad26 on Mac - 'Serial number validation failed'


Hey guys, 

I have a student version of Archicad 26 on my Mac and when I try to activate it, it gives me an error saying "Serial Number validation failed”. Serial number, username etc are all correct. I've already tried restarting my computer, deleting all Archicad verisons and reinstalling them, trying Archicad 25 etc... Does anyone have any suggestion how to fix the problem? The first screenshot included shows the correctly entered info and the second one shows the error immediately after clicking restart Archicad.

Thanks in advance!


1 (2).png


2 (2).png


Camila Cuevas

Hi there!

If you still need assistance with your educational license, you can send us an email over at, and we can help you sort out the problem.


Hi !

Have you managed to sort it out? I would love to know how you managed to make it work. 


I have the same problem at the moment with serial number validation on Archicad 27 & 26.
It just doesn't work. I have been stuck with it since the beginning of January and can't see why it doesn't work. 

- i reinstalled it multiple times, checked if that's intel mac i have, copy-pasted the login details so many times I don't remember my own name. 

Please help !


Screenshot 2024-02-10 at 5.25.09 pm.jpg


Screenshot 2024-02-10 at 5.38.38 pm.jpg


Hi everybody,

I don't know what to do anymore, I have downloaded the Archicad 27 international version for Mac, intel and when i copy- and paste the license and ID it shows a tick until I click activate and restart when it then straight away says: Serial number validation failed. I have done all the Graphisoft support suggested: 

- i copied and pasted the id and serial number to make sure there were no spaces left.

- reinstalled the app - probably 6 times

- installed version 26 to see if this would work but it shows the same issue

- I was sure the archicad was international and my language was English. 

- today even updated my email address to match with my iCloud - without any result. 


I saw in previous years people struggled with the same issue but haven't seen a response to the problem. Could you please help? It's been a month and a half since i tried to make it work. 

Screenshot 2024-02-10 at 5.25.09 pm.jpg

Screenshot 2024-02-10 at 5.38.38 pm.jpg

Operating system used: Mac Intel-based 14.3.1 Sonoma


@Sam_K wrote:

- I was sure the archicad was international and my language was English. 


Maybe that is the issue?

INT version is in English but there is also an English version (UKI) as well as a few other English language versions.


With a commercial license, I can run both INT and AUS versions (as well as UKI I believe - although I have not tried).

But I am not sure this is the case with an EDU license.


So make sure you are downloading the language version that matches your license.





I have merged similar posts.

If my theory is not correct try the e-mail



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yeah, the language matches but the issue is still there. thanks 

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