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WibuKey Troubleshooting Guide

Marton Kiss

Slow Wibu Keyserver Operation

Issue: When trying to access the keys from windows 8.1 to an OSx server, the wibu keyserver is SLOW The above slowness only happens with
  • wibu driver 6.20
  • ARCHICAD 18 4007 JPN Full and SOLO
  • ARCHICAD 18 4006 INT Full and SOLO and
  • ARCHICAD 4006 CZE Full


The issue is planned to be fixed in an upcoming ARCHICAD18 update

ARCHICAD License was not found: WIBU Protection driver is obsolete

Issue: Older ARCHICAD versions (17, 16, 15…) on Windows machines can’t use the ARCHICAD 18 license from a Mac WIBU license server.




Cause: This issue is caused by WIBU’s technology limitations.


  • Uninstall WIBU driver version 6.20 from the Mac license server and install version 6.10a from here
  • Move the license server to a Windows machine

Required firewall settings

In case of using network licenses the required network traffic should be possible. Make sure on all related firewalls (client, server) the port that is used by the Wibu driver is open. By default it is 22347, can be customized in WibuKey settings/WkConfig; all computer should have the same ports specified.

WIBU Key Server doesn't start on Windows

When trying to start the WIBU KeyServer on Windows as a non-administrator user, the following warning is displayed: "Runtime Error! Program: c:\Program Files\WIBUKEY\Server\ WkSvW32 .exe abnormal program termination" Reason: The WIBU KeyServer has to be started with administrator rights.

Protection key not found or not valid - error message during ARCHICAD launch

This malfunction may occur if there is no DNS server in the network. In this case, ARCHICAD clients may fail to find the network dongle, unless the server is explicitly defined. Workaround:
  • 1. On the client machine, open the WIBU-KEY Control Panel (accessible from the Windows control panel)
  • 2. Select the Network tab page
  • 3. In the WkLAN Server Search List area type the IP address of the Server in the bottom window
  • 4. Click "Add" then Apply
  • 5. On Mac clients, start System volume/Applications/WIBUKEY/WkConfig program and on the Client tab page add the IP address of the Server
NOTE: If you leave the WkLAN Server Search List empty, ARCHICAD will search the whole local area network for available WIBU-KEY Servers, and will randomly connect to one of them. If there are several Servers defined in the list, then ARCHICAD will try to connect to them in the order of listing, and will ignore unlisted Servers.

On a standalone computer ARCHICAD doesn't recognize the locally attached Net WIBUKEY

  • 1. Open the WIBU-KEY Control Panel
  • 2. Select the Network tab page
  • 3. In the WkLAN Server Search List area type in the bottom window
  • 4. Click Add then Apply

ARCHICAD forgot the local Key, if I Wake up Mac Intel from sleep

In the System profiler window the key is visible. Reason: The local key is plugged in to a white color Mac keyboard, just like the mouse. Note: with the black color Mac keyboard the problem is not relevant. When starting the Program, in the WkConfig file only the local key is chosen.

Keyplug is not found after waking the computer

When ARCHICAD is running and the computer will put to sleep with power button and will wake up with the power button as well after trying to save from ARCHICAD the program message will come up: Wibu key can not be found. Workaround 1: The mouse should not be plugged in to the keyboard Workaround 2: The computer should be waked with the keyboard or with the mouse Workaround 3: Pull out the key and plug in again, ARCHICAD will run.

Local usage of a network key blocks all other users

Users upgrading to ARCHICAD 13 (+) can experience the following: if you start ARCHICAD on the same machine where the key is plugged, then ARCHICAD 13 will use it as a Single key, and no other users can reserve licenses on this key. This behavior is new in ARCHICAD 13! To run ARCHICAD on the key-server machine:
  • stop Wibu server
  • disable ‘Local’ Subsystem in the WkConfig .app (Mac) or in the WIBU Control Panel (PC)
  • specify server address (localhost) as the WkLAN Server.
  • Then run the Wibu server
  • Start ARCHICAD.
The required settings on Mac:
The required settings on Windows:
  • wp-content_uploads_archicadwiki_wibukey-troubleshooting--wibukeysubsystemswin.png

WIBU Server Name is not visible

Issue: The License Server Name is empty in the License Information Dialog:


Cause: This issue is caused by WIBU’s technology limitations.


  • Uninstall WIBU driver version 6.20 from the Mac license server and install version 6.10a from here
  • Move the license server to a Windows machine

How to troubleshoot driver installing problems

To clean up your WibuKey installation please do the following:
  • Unplug all WibuBoxes.
  • Open the WibuKey Tool in the Control Panel and go to the page "Installation".
  • Press the button "Plug & Play" and reset the Plug&Play mechanism.
  • Uninstall the WibuKey driver using "Add/Remove Programs" in the Control Panel.
  • Open the folder [%systemroot%\inf] in the windows explorer.
  • Search within all "oem*.inf" files for the search term "WIBU". Delete all corresponding pnf files (e.g. you found oem345.inf, delete oem345.pnf) and the inf file itself.
  • Restart the computer.
Now you are ready to make a clean installation of WibuKey:
  • After reboot reinstall the WibuKey driver. Ensure to have administrative rights. Don't plug in any WibuBox!
  • After installation has finished plug in the WibuBox.
  • The "New Hardware found" dialog will appear and install the new hardware automatically since our driver is certified (since WibuKey Runtime version 5.0)
Now everything should work as expected.

How to report errors

Contact your local distributor with the details described here.

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