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archicad 23 (student version) exe error

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Hi. I've recenty downloaded the student version of Archicad23 and tried doing the training courses. I have been able to open the programme and the training guide videos but when I try to open or download the 'training file' called 'Pavillion' I get this error message-

??0ControllerFactory@LM@QEAA@XZ not found Function is not available in Liensemanager.dll!

I have been able to start a new drawing and sort of follow the training guides but I don't have all the pre-set componants that 'Pavillion' does so I can't totally follow the videos.
I'm running it on a laptop. Has anyone on not running a MAC been able to open the pavillion file? I tried disabling my security sotware in case that was the issue...but no joy. Any suggestions?

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