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A Newbie Needs an Introduction to ArchiCAD

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Hello everybody, I am a newbie to ArchiCAD, and I am studying Architecture.

I have downloaded ArchiCAD Collaboration part1 and ArchiCAD Essential from Graphisoft a month ago, and so have I been watching them. However, I have found that those videos are more advance and complex compared to those SketchUp videos which I found from Lynda and Go-to-school; as a result, I cannot catch the lessons at all. In addition, I have been learning AutoCAD and SketchUp, but after I was introduced ArchiCAD by my friend, I am really enthusiasm to learn about ArchiCAD rather than the two previous programs.

In conclusion, I hope that someone who has watched either SketchUp training or none could recommence me any kind of training videos regarding ArchiCAD which are more basic and precise from the beginning. Thanks...

This is probably where everyone should start:

This is the interactive training guide Graphisoft has created for the ArchiCAD Start Edition. IMO it should be included with all of the other interactive training guides.

Also, visit this website, very helpful, many videos, start from scratch:

Another great site with basic tutorials:

Many great tips and tricks by many accomplished ArchiCAD users:

Eric Bobrow is another master of ArchiCAD, provides online videos as well as classes you can attend: and (click on Video Tips link)

There are many more out there, hope this helps for a start.

Nicholas Cornia
Technical Support Team - GRAPHISOFT North America
ARCHICAD on Twitter

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I would like to thank for your links; thus, Ill be learning from them in no

time. After recommenced

from you, now I've download some videos, which Ive been looking for from

day to night... Thank You Very Much, and I'll try my best to learn all the

ArchiCAD basic from the links...

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