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Add-on for finding solid element operators - Available now!

Davor P

Addon is now available from my website:
Version for Archicad 26 Windows and Mac is available for free. 27 is available for $50.

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Barry Kelly

Always interested in a good add-on.

Especially if offered free of charge.

The more you charge for it, the fewer people will be interested.



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Davor P

As much as I would enjoy releasing it for free and getting lots of love from the community, that won't pay the bills unfortunately. Having said that, it doesn't mean that the add-on couldn't be free for end users. If Graphisoft (‌‌ @Viktor Kovacs 😉) would be interested in leasing the add-on and then making it a standard feature in Archicad, I would be open to discuss that idea.

Overall my plan is to develop more add-ons and besides the SEO one I have two more in the works.
Second one is a library of thousands of high quality objects. Furniture, light fixtures, sinks, taps, plants. Currently I am working on lower poly (simplified) option that would complement the detailed version of each object and respond to Archicad MVO LOD: detailed, simplified, schematic, box. And I am making sure 2D is clean and not projected from 3D. I will have a small, free demo library soon.
The third add-on will enable BIM managers to regularly, with one click, do one (of many) things we almost never have time to do.

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Really interested to try them even in a beta release! 

Botonis Botonakis
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Hi Barry,
Your reply got me thinking and in the end I decided to offer it for free for Archicad 26. It shouldn't be too difficult to save back a file from 27 to 26 if it is a single use case. And on the other hand if anyone would use it more often then I hope saving a bit of time would be worth paying a small fee.

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Hi @Davor P 


Thank you very much for sharing your addons with us. 🤗
I definitely recognize the value and effort required to create them. However, in order to decide if it's worth buying, it would be great if you could show how it works in a short video within your website.
Thanks again.



M. Arch. Ricardo López
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Hi @Ricardo Lopez,
Thanks for the feedback.
I will be creating a video as a guide to the functions. In the meantime, if you want to try before buying, you can download the 26 version for free.

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