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Adjacent sites with conflicting stories

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Hi all,

I'm working on two projects for a client. They are side by side on a sloping site. I've designed one residence already. It has multiple levels/stories. I'm now working on the site next door and I would like to present the two designs to the client in a single project so that I can render and fly around the the projects.

I am wondering what is the the most efficient way to do this? I can't seem to find a way to bring in a hot linked module with many conflicting storey heights. Alternatively should I convert the first design to a different file and play with the stories?

Perhaps I could convert the entire job into a morph?

I work solely on single low and med density residential projects and this is rarely an issue. But I would imagine everyone who works in large projects has a work around for this issue. Would someone please enlighten me or direct me to a thread or blog that addresses this issue?

Many thanks everyone.
Barry Kelly
Rather than bringing in a multi-storey hotlink you can bring in each storey as a separate hotlink.
You then place these in the storey of the master that best matches (although that really doesn't matter) and then manually adjust the height of the hotlink so it all looks normal again.

Or you can save as a GDL object and just add that object to your other file - a morph should work as well.

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Thanks Barry. I went with the morph in this instance. If anyone else is wondering about this topic, I found this conversation quite helpful.

David Shorter
There is another option if one project is completed
That is to simply merge the completed project into the new story structure of the new project, remove the top links and Preserve Model Geometry.
This is how IMHO the hotlinks should work.....but the merge helps
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