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Board & Batten

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The latest discussion that I found on Board and Batten (or Board on Board) siding or cladding is from back in 2008

Besides using the Goodies> Accessories> Wall Accessories and modeling the elements individually, what are the techniques for good B&B 3D representation?
Gerald Hoffman

CadImage's Coverings add-on does Board and Batten. It is actually the reason I first bought the tool as I was struggling with this as well. I have made it out of individual elements but is a huge hastle around openings.

They have a new pricing model now where they rent you the tools which I have mixed feeling about but would let you get 2 tools for $30 / month. If you do this I would recommend the Doors & Windows add-on as your 2nd tool. You can cancel the subscription at any time as well but you would then not be able to edit any of the objects created with the add-ons.

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Does 18 still have the object "Fence Vertical" within the 05 Metals library? If so, try setting the values for the "posts" and also "battens" to zero. Set the "board" dimensions, spacing-in-between and material for the battens that you desire for your design. Set it snug to your base wall of boards.

You cannot SEO using a window as an operator, so you'll have to finesse this approach. It is easy enough to stretch and pull and copy this library part. It reads in plan, and of course you can SEO the "fence" with other objects like slabs, etc.

Hopeful that helps.
James Murray's object mentioned in the 2008 post still works well. Typically you would only need a few instances on a residential scale building.

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I've found a somewhat workable solution where the windows will cut out the battens automagically*
*some limitations apply

Create skins for board & batten Create a new column custom profile which is basically the outline of the exterior walls Start drawing the voids which will be cut out, leaving the boards untouched. TO BE CONTINUED IN NEXT RESPONSE DUE TO 3 IMAGE LIMITS...
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Place custom profile column at whatever base point was used.
Set height to "top". Place column on hidden layer.
All wall voids get cut out for default doors & plugin windows used.
As long as the walls don't shift, all the battens should cut out correctly regardless of any changes done to doors, windows, openings, etc... Since the column extends all the way to top, it will align & cut out the battens no matter how many walls you stack. I even added the voids at the dormers.
You do need to watch out that the voids do not cut other elements, so adjust the intersection priority accordingly (you can see the fascia being cut on the left dormer). To be continued below...
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Now, for the drawbacks. You can see the cavity behind any window/door trims (if you look closely enough ) The way this is displayed on the floor is also not the cleanest (assuming the skins are set to visible). I didn't have too much time to work on this, it can probably be improved. 2D elevations are excellent, though. Hopefully this can save someone lots of time cutting out window voids.

If there is a way to make the batten skin be cut out with the door/window opening, while being ignored by the frame/trim geometry, that would be almost perfect.

That's all
There was an object someone shared in German that you could probably use for this? It allows you to apply associated custom profiles to a wall surface that will trim around openings. It is all in German, but by following the video and with a little deduction you can figure out most of the settings. I doesn't quite display correctly on the floor plan though...


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Erich wrote:
James Murray's object mentioned in the 2008 post still works well. Typically you would only need a few instances on a residential scale building.
I still use this one and it works like a charm.
Any help for users with AC 24?? I tried downloading the file from On Land and it's not working..

There should DEFINITELY be an easier way to do a simple board and batt siding in ArchiCAD.
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