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Can I specify a location when doing Save as view?


Can I specify a location when doing Save as view?
I always just save and move often.
Is there a way to set and save the location?

AC27 on window 11
Gerry Leonor

you can specify where you want to immediately zoom to in a Saved View or override it.


when you first Save a view, the blue box above determines your zoom.

if for some reason you want to override whatever zoom you have in a saved view, check the box in the red circle. the view will open in the last position it was previously left.


if you want to save zooms on-the-fly but keep the Saved View settings un-touched, i would suggest playing with Home Zoom.


this can be useful when, for example, you have to move to different parts of a view (plans / sections / elevations / internals) but also have to keep coming to a base zoom -- this is the Home Zoom.


I have macros set on my vertical mouse that can toggle between forward / background as well as Set Home Zoom & Go To Home Zoom on the fly.

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I think Lee means when you 'Save current view' ?


If so then you can use the Organiser.

Select the view point in the project map on the left and select the view folder in the view map on the right.

Then use the 'Save View' button or drag from left to right and you can even place it exactly where you want it in the folder.



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What if I need to create a new view in a folder called plan for example?
When I save as view, it is created at the bottom and dragged it again to the location. is this the best?

AC27 on window 11
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