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Archicad vs Revit ability to create custom objects

Hi, I know this has been discussed a million times, but having searched for answers I come up blank reg. some specific comparisons.I am trying to move my firm to one of the two programs, I believe that although Revit marketshare is larger, Archicad c...

Missing profile hotspots

Just came to dimension up a couple of beams using complex profiles in v24 and noticed that the segmented version with a matching end cap & hotspots only displays the base line points, unlike the straight beam which retains all the original hotspots. ...

Screenshot 2021-12-08 at 15.06.14.png

Door & Curtain Wall rendering: Frames showing transparent

I'm just starting the rending process in Twinmotion, but I seem to have transparent frames for some of my doors and curtain walls. How do I show glass as transparent and the door frames and mullions as metal? I've gone through some trial and error ex...

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Resolved! Stair width

Hey guys. I need to create a flight of staircase with a tread of 600mm, how can I achieve this?

Ci Tools window + door scheduler problem

Hey Gurus, im having a problem where the Ci Tools window + door scheduler will only update when i go to "CI Tools" - "Door + Windows" - "Update Schedule". Even when i have marked the "Auto Rebuild" box. And when i use this function "Update Schedule" ...

modules in v24 vs v25

Hi, I just noticed the when i save a module in V25 the file is 3x bigger than when i save the exact same stuff in v24. Is this a bug, or what? Thanks in advance

Resolved! Black Dots in Archicad

Necesito ayuda, si alguien puede indicarme como solucionar este inconveniente. me aparecieron bolas negras en el diseño y no se donde o como se configura eso. ya desinstale el programa pensando en que se podría solucionar pero no. Translation - I hav...

Mahicol by Participant
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Shadow of the sun in elevation

I have two constructions: one existing and other proposed. We set the North (Options -> Project Preferences -> Set Project North) and I considered the Sun position on 21.12.2022, the Eastern time (07:53). By opening a 3D layout window of the 2 constr...

3D.JPG S-E elevation.JPG South elevation.JPG plan.JPG
johanes by Contributor
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Zone reduced area floor plan lines

Is it possible to show lines of calculated zone area substraction? I've set the height limits and the calculation works but I would like to make those height limits visible in floor plan.

Resolved! Merging two templates - attribute management?

Hi folks,I'm scratching my head in front of the inevitable I guess. I have a pretty good arch tpl and now we'll get our 20 landscapers to move from Autocad+NovaPoint to Archicad+Land4 which is really great for everyone except for the one having to wo...