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Center of gravity of a wall or Slab in Archicad ?



Can Archicad show in modul or in some list the center of gravity of precast wall or slab?

I have few concrete twin walls with openings and unregular shape, so for the transport and lifting it would be nice to get this information from Archicad


Regards GF


Thats an interesting question.. Anyone?


Till now, i dont think, something is integrated in Archicad. The way would be to divide the form into smaller parts and calculate for every single part the weight * distance to one (the same point), sum it and devide the sum through the sum of the weight. The result would be the distance from the startpoint to the center of weight. This must be calculated extra for every axis. 


Maybe using Archicads link to Rhino? 

AC5.5-AC27EduAut, PC-Win10, MacbookAirM1, MacbookM1Max, Win-I7+Nvidia

When I work with zones and fills w/area text-enabled, I like to have the zone stamp and text box centered in the object.  While this is relatively easy to determine in rectangular-shaped objects, irregular polygons can sometimes be a bit more tedious.  So I will "push" one of the edges outward and then use the "Trim" command to reposition the edge to its correct location.  This action also relocates the zone-stamp / area-text to the geographical center of the polygon.  The resultant hotspot may be the point you are seeking... 

ArchiCAD since 8.0, currently on 22, waiting on 26, maybe...

My expectation to Archicad is maybe to large, but I thought the program has all this information for example wall, material and geometry is there, so I could stop doing the hand calculation.