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Can a door be open in some 3D views but closed in others?

Is there a way to have a door be open in one particular 3D view, but closed in all other 3D views, sections, elevations, etc.? I tried a graphic override to the 3D view that makes the door surface invisible, and it sort of works, you can see through ...

R Muller by Enthusiast
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Resolved! Walls intersection visible as a line

Hello everyone. I was trying to find the solution to this issue, however couldn't find it. So, when I do walls in certain color, even though I do them properly, sometimes their intersection is visible with a lighter line. As you can see in screenshot...

Resolved! AC23 - Beam Segment: Axis Offset

Hi All, I am seeking some feedback on whether it is possible to offset beam segments to the parent axis. e.g. The final segment of a beam would be aligned with the edge of the adjacent segment but be 1/2 the width (a crude L shape if you will). I can...

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Major Railing Bug - Please Confirm

Spent the entire morning trying to figure out what I was doing wrong, only to find that this seems to be a pretty major bug in the railing tool. Issue: Associative railings using panels and inner posts do not respect the "left offset from previous po...

Stair Headroom Graphics

Is there a way to change the 3D and 2D representation of the Headroom Clearance option in AC23? In section I would like to show a dashed line but no fill. For 3D I would like to change the orange to a light semi-transparent blue. Thomas Palmer Archit...

Wall displaying below cut with solid elements operation

I don't typically use a roof to cut walls below it.. but, typically to cut the wall above the roof. I am now finding out (AC20) that unlike a cut wall not displaying above the SEO cutting plane/roof, it does display below the roof. Is there any simpl...

Windows out of the wall

Dear All, I encountered several problems with Windows, one of them is that windows, whatever you do, is out of the wall in 3D. In 2D view, representation is okay, while in 3D view it is completely unrelated. Do you guys know, how to solve it? Best, K...

Working with point cloud data?

Hello guys, I'm very new to modelling trying to diversify my skills. I work in construction and I do alot of work with point cloud. I was wondering what is the best software to use with point cloud data? Alot of our clients need as-built models (as i...

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3D Explore Mode is broken

It was working fine for this project a week ago. I have the same computer, I have not changed any keyboard shortcuts, I have restarted Archicad, but none of the keys will now function during navigation, not even the esc key, none! The mouse will let ...