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Curtain Wall Reset Custom Segments

Has anyone found documentation about the "Reset Custom Segments" button works? I've searched the online manual and can't find a reference to this button.


I'm editing a curtain wall that has two sides (two planes and a corner node). I know that this effectively creates two editable schemes, but when I press the button to reset, it appears to destroy one of the schemes. Should I ignore the yellow triangle and keep going.

Think Like a Spec Writer

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Barry Kelly

The yellow warning triangle means you have customised (edit mode) one particular part of the curtain wall (same for stairs and railings), so it no longer conforms to the overall settings of the curtain wall.

When you reset, you will lose all of the custom settings you have made and those custom components will switch back to using the overall settings.


So if you have specifically customised parts of your curtain wall, I would not reset them.

However this means that any overall settings you make will only apply to part of the curtain wall (or maybe none of it), and not the custom segments.

Once you go into 'Edit' mode and customise individual parts, you really need to keep using 'Edit' mode to make changes.

You can select multiple elements to 'Edit' all at once, it doesn't have to be one element at a time.




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Thanks Barry!

Think Like a Spec Writer

AC4.55 through 26 / USA AC25-6000 USA

Rhino 7 Mac

MacOS 12.6.5

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