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Curtain Wall Scheme Settings


Looking to see if anyone has any work arounds or a little better knowledge on the curtain wall tool using the scheme.


I have attached 2 photos.  Im unsure as to why Archicad doesnt allow for a selection of the curtain wall frame on all 4 sides using the scheme settings.  Our head frame profiles are different than the sill and it would be nice set that up using the scheme, because i find if you deviate away from the scheme and start adding custom components the curtain wall tool starts to fail.


I use deleted panels to create shapes within the curtain wall instead of adjusting the reference line.  The trimming of boundary panels fails when using the deleted panel and not being able to add custom sill and jamb in scheme.


See photos attached.





Ian Knowles

You can edit the Curtain Wall 'Scheme Grid' boundary by clicking on the curtain wall and then clicking 'Edit'. I find it simpler if you turn off frame/panel/junction. You can edit the blue boundary line to provide a boundary edge rather than removing a panel in the scheme so you shouldn't get the mullion/transom interaction with a boundary element.

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