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Door Hinge markers showing and can't get material to show 3d

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Hello everyone, I am pretty new to ArchiCad. I have a layer turned on that is making the door hinge points as well as little blue arrows on the windows. I am also having problems assigning materials to my floors/slabs. Thanks for any help in advance!
What you have turned on is a setting in your Model View Option (MVO) which control the display of opening lines among other things.

Read about is here.
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Thank you so much. Greatly appreciated.
David Maudlin
Courtneyb0316 wrote:
I am also having problems assigning materials to my floors/slabs.
In the Slab Settings > Model panel > make sure the Override Surface button is active (grey), then the Surface pop-up list to change the Surface(s) will be available.

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Ok so I have actually gone into the model and made these changes and it worked. Thank you again. Greatly appreciated. I went into the Document-Set Model View Options...-Miscellaneous Setting for Library Parts-Show Opening Lines in 3D Projections- Then I clicked the options off for doors, windows, and skylights. Just wanted to state this clearly for anyone else that is may have this problem.
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