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Drawing oval objects in MEP archicad 27


Is there any possibility to draw oval objects  with new mep tool? i see there is only round and rectangle option and oval were removed which is shame becouse we project flat 51 zhender oval ventilation ducts. And now for our sanitary department archicad 27 is pretty much useless. Is there any bypass for that or atlast i can see this function coming in updates??

Ricardo Lopez

Hi @tomswons 


Check bimobjects webpage:

Open IFC file and there you will find some .gsm objects to play with in your embedded library.

2023-12-04 10_49_59-HVAC_Duco_DucoFlex-System-Assembly - Archicad 27.png



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Thanks i will try to play with those gsm objects 😉 But is this possible to use those for MEP tools routing??? In fact i had some gsm library which i used in archicad 25. But i strugle to transform those to archicad 27. All those i had are simply objects just like chair nad its impossible to use them for routing:( Meabe if i code some gdl code for it or o-params then it is possible :D?

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