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Editing floor levels


I received a model in which the surface and some part of the building were modeled. All this was done haphazardly. The floors were generated automatically. Several floors have been added. The floor height was used by default as well as the elevations. In this project, the ground surface was built at elevations of +86 meters. In order to edit the floors and place them correctly, I resorted to the "Edit Floor Levels" option. I decided to graphically move the level to the height of floor 0, to +86.120, and then adjust the floor heights in the floor parameters. I moved the floor line to the desired elevation and clicked OK. When I clicked OK, all my objects, instead of remaining at the same level, shifted. I don't understand how to do it???

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Operating system used: Windows 5003

Rubia Torres

Hi @retdot,

I would need more details and screenshots to understand your question. But it seems the placement of your elements is tied to the floor levels and, when you changed those values, the elements shifted position accordingly.

Rubia Torres

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Hi @retdot,


As @Rubia Torres suggested you should provide more details for the case but for now you can try these solutions:


1) Either you’ve a backup file or a copy of your model (prior to editing story levels):


A) Then you can go for adjusting the ground floor level (or surface) via adjusting project zero level in this dialogue to be (+86.12) if the ground level equals the project zero or you can calculate the difference between and reflect that in project zero value which all your elements & objects are measured from.



2) Or you don’t have a copy or backup file so:


A) Go to (Edit story levels) and retrieve all previous levels by selecting the ground level and all levels above then enter the value you set before for ground level, and all will be adjusted automatically.

B) Repeat the above mentioned step regarding adjusting project zero level.

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If you have not done any Views yet, you could setup your storeys in a second file, then hotlink your first file into it. Move the hotlink to the desired elevation, then with Groups ENABLED break the hotlink and explode the resulting group.

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