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Problem with precision dimension custom profile


I have problem with precision.

In my own profile, I draw a simple rectangle (either by manually entering it, or by writing purely coordinates - by placing them). Subsequently, I will turn on the modifiers for this rectangle for the possibility of editing.


Then I start drawing the wall. And if I give the width of the masonry 600 mm. So in imprecision I get to values like 600.95... 600.06... etc.


I also tried copying this fill on the desktop to the beginning of archicad. Let me check the dimension in gdl.


Here you can see that the rectangle should be drawn exactly.


In the case when I tried in my own profile a dimension of, for example, a width of 100 mm. Thus, with the set value of 650, it throws an error of 650.004 mm



Tested on 3 different PCs. In 3 different projects (basic AC template, older project and our processed template).


The project origin is where it should be (x=0, y=0). The user origin is also in place.


It is quite a problem and the error is then added up in the project.


What is wrong? Do you know it too? Can some body help?



Operating system used: Windows 27.2.0 - build 5003

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

What I do not understand about the GDL code you posted is this:

There is a polygon first with 5 nodes (the starting node and ending node are the same) that draws a rectangle.

Then, in the second half, there are four polygons, each composed of 2 nodes? That is not a polygon, that is a line.

So, I am wondering what you have created in the Profile Manager that generates this type of GDL code.

If you could save this Profile into an empty PLN file and upload it in ZIP, I would be interested in looking at the file.


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