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Is it possible to add additional autotext to a fill's area text?
For example I would like the fill autotext to show the fill's area as well as the fill's own ID.
Ideally I would just add 'BLOCK C' to the fill's ID field and it would automatically appear as part of the fill's area tag. Obviously this is possible with Zones but seems a little easier/ faster with fills if possible. This way it is seen on the drawing and schedule.
Tim Ball
Yes and it looks like you have done that. You just edit the area text

An alternative is to create your fills using morphs. You can then attach properties and have all the data and autotext you want
Tim Ball

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Yes - in the image I've done the text manually in the fill area's settings. Is there an <AUTOTEXT> that could be placed this field that would automatically reflect the Fill's own ID ?
Barry Kelly
I think the area text can only have <MeasuredValue> as auto text.

But you can create your own auto text (with the text tool) and save that selection as a library part as a label.

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Thanks Barry - I'll give it a try.
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