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Field of view in new Bimx Archicad 25

Rich 3d

In the Bimx produced by Archicad 25 I have no options anymore to change the field of view.

Is there anyway to increase this field of view, normally I used about 110 and know I guess it is on 80...

And that's to low to get good views!


Hello Rich 3d,


Are you talking about desktop or mobile/tablet application ?

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Rich 3d

Desktop application

Norbert Kucsma

Hi Rich 3d,


Thank you for raising this question.


We are aware there is always room for improvement and an editable Camera View Cone would be a great addition to the Desktop Viewer. This is a frequently asked feature and will be taken into consideration in future developments.


If you have any questions feel free to contact us on our official BIMx support channel at


Kind regards,

Norbert Kucsma


Technical Support Engineer, Technical Support Team

Thank you Norbert for your answer.

I understand that things always need to improve.

My way of presenting my designs to clients has always been with bimx, so I'm very disapointed that this feature has slowly left in bimx!

I hope you as developers will be able to implement this fast in updates...


Kind regards,


Rich Schäfer


Please fix the navigation controls! They are horrible 🙂 they are the opposite of normal navigation viewing with mouse and keyboard,its feels very weird and unintuitive. 


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