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Find walls with surface override on


I'm struggling to find all walls in my project that have surface override on.

The best would be to have a graphic override that highlights all wall elements that have any surface override on, but as far as I can tell that is not possible. The next would be to create a schedule, but cant find a way to do that ether. The goal is to do some quality control of the model.


Does anyone have suggestions to how this can be done?

Martin Isak Jansen
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Hello martinij,

but as far as I can tell that is not possible

I agree with you but I hope I am wrong.

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Rafael Sangareau

Hi, this has a solution.


Create a new Surface Schedule (the one with a paintbrush icon) in the fields just click "add" and scroll to the surface dropdown, you'll find a specific field for "surface differs from building material" (which means there's an override).



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