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How to Fix Archicad 26 Generated-Frustrations


As I posted it to another thread, here are my proposals to restore the Graphisoft's brand image:


"Based on the frustrations caused by the release of Archicad 26, if I were Graphisoft, I would complete this version 26, which marks its 40th anniversary. We can't celebrate a 40th anniversary that way.


To do that, I would add the EcoDesigner Star in the package for free for all subscribers before the end of the year. I would also add the missing elements of the structural features in version 26 including the steel ones presented during the previous events or webinars as well. The development of the software is very late and I don't know the root cause of this big delay.


As a result, such a strategy would allow Graphisoft to alleviate the pain caused by the release of Archicad 26 this month.


For Archicad 27, Graphisoft could release other featuring proposals including the development of the Morph tool. We have to be able to convert different part of the morph in our design or drawings into appropriate BIM elements since Archicad is a BIM software program. For example, if I used the morph tool to design or draw the roof of my architectural project during the schematic design phase, I should be able to convert this morph part of the design into a real BIM roof in Archicad. This could help to use the morph tool to sketch during the schematic design phase and then develop it during the design process. "

Martin Luther Jules
AC 10-26 (Full)
Asus | 64 GB RAM | Windows 11

This has always been an issue with software developers. I am late on the Archicad "bandwagon" ; started with AC16 back in 2014 when it was already dated. And as a previous Revit user, my preference is Archicad for design and documentation. I was certainly happy to see the developments over the years and must admit that AC26 is somewhat disappointing. My task as a BIM manager at my office, found it difficult to get others to buy into Archicad. And one of the many pushbacks is the availability of some fundamental user features. Just to list a few :

  1. Independent Grid line Settings for saved views 
  2. Multileader arrow added to the text tool instead of the cumbersome multileader object
  3. Auto stair number tool in section
  4. Temporarily Hide an individual element/object on plan (not the entire layer). This is a recent implementation in 3D I believe from AC24
  5. You still cannot have an existing door in a new wall. This is so needed for renovation projects where you may have salvaged opening elements. Our work around is, break the wall just the the width of the door or window. Isn't this a normal in reality where you recycle ?
  6. Managing Large Projects - Split views with match line. Similar to how the callout tool is used to create a detail view link to its source. But this feature must be live and not 2D as in the detail tool. This is greatly needed for large projects that needs to be broken up into many sectors to fit on a selected sheet size with its auto cross referencing meta data. here is were the independent/relative view grid tool is needed. I have managed a workaround for this, but one shouldn't have to figure out a way to have to deal with such a situation. There are lots more, but I'll end it here for now.

It seems Graphisoft is trying to catch up and makeup for lost times and is trying to go the Autodesk way being more focused on marketing and profits----with that I say NO NO NO Graphisoft ! (just my perception).

Some of the great improvements Wall tool

  1. The Stair Tool
  2. Zone label  in Section (recent addition)
  3. Navigator search feature (should have been there from inception)
  4. Attributes Navigator & Organizer (should have been there from inception); but it is still not available for Graphic Overrides and Model Views managers.

These are key functionalities that should have been there in there first place but came as welcomed improvements.

you are on point with some of the mentioned ideas, but I also partially agree with   , why implement new features that still needs further development? Why not eradicate the current deficiencies that in my opinion are basic needs for an "Archicad newbie" ?

The MEP addition is great, but architects don't design and model MEP. This is most often done externally. Both the MEP & Structural IFC is hot linked for use. So why doesn't Graphisoft focus on improving the workability making it less hardware resource intensive within Archicad ? When plumbing is done in Archicad there are no automatic schematic representations available in either 2D or 3D ? Example a schematic isometric plumbing riser diagram. This brings me to the point, Graphisoft has recently partnered with DDS Cad. DDS CAD do auto generate the plumbing symbols. Nevertheless apart from investing in an additional license, DDS CAD will now force a new learning curve (at least in this side of the world (Caribbean) dominated by Autodesk). 

My bottom line is, Graphisoft should focus on its strength (Design & Documentation). Attempt to make what is there "PERFECT"! Cater for the new users, Archicad is already overwhelming with its basic features and settings--do not over complicate it further. The program was designed by architects for architects, keep it that way.  

Osbert De Costa, BSc Arch.

The Mackay Practice


Win11 Pro | Build 22000 | X299 DESIGNARE EX | i9-9940X | 64GB | Quadro RTX4000

For energy and daylight analysis, we have used 3 different workflows:

1. Convert to Sketchup, simplify the model, and use Sefaira.

2. Use the Rhino connector and run the add-ons like LadyBug.

3. Currently, we're using Cove.tool, which now has Archicad and Revit plugins.

Chuck Kottka
Orcutt Winslow
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

ArchiCAD 25 (since 4.5)
Macbook Pro 15" Touchbar OSX 10.15 Core i7 2.9GHz/16GB RAM/Radeon Pro560 4GB

Cove.Tool is very interesting! 

Martin Luther Jules
AC 10-26 (Full)
Asus | 64 GB RAM | Windows 11

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