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How to rotate corrugated steel horizontally?

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Hi, I am using Archicad 15. I want to rotate corrugated steel sheet form library to be horizontal. How can I do this? I wanted to use it as a cladding. Thanks
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You want to use the sheet on a flat slab or roof? If the answer is YES, use the Corrugated Sheet Inc 15 and set the Slope angle to 0°!
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Sorry, I didn't make it clear. I want to use is as an outside cladding on the wall. I attached picture how it should look. I cannot rotate it this way.
DUPLICATE the vertical cladding material.

EDIT the texture map in the Internal Engine Material Dialog to travel horizontally instead of Vertically.

Switch to LightWorks Material Dialog.

Click "Match Internal" Button.
Dwight Atkinson
David Maudlin

A crude solution is to make a copy of the library part and add one line to the 3D Script:
1. Open Object... Corrugated Sheet Vert 15
2. Save As... this object to a loaded library folder or the Embedded Library with a different name
3. Go to the 3D Script of the new object and add RotY -90 near the top (see illustration)
4. Save the new altered object
This change will rotate the panel in 3D. It does not correct the 2D Symbol or the parameters, but the hotspots in the 3D Window work, so if this is just for 3D should be ok.

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Corrugated Sheet Vert 90 3D Script.gif
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