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I've made a tall wall expanding two storys

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Now I've stated to think I would organize the whole model into different layers and set of layers. (Should have thought of this before). The problem is I should show an axonometry of only the ground floor (story 0), and then it would have been nice to be able to split my outher wall horizontally.
Are there such a possibility?
Else I have to take a copy of the walls, remove the windows doors at the first floor, and reduce it's height. At the copy I have to remove the windows/doors at the ground floor, and change the vertical position of the window/doors, and reduce the height of the wall, and put it on top of the other. Seems to be much work.
Do someone have a better way to do it?
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On the other hand, although they are existing walls, they will be worked on by the constructor on a per floor basis: windows will be changed, inner surfaces will be painted. So, the workflow I employ is valid even on such situations.
Erika Epstein
Krippahl wrote:
We ol´ geezers tend to make one wall per floor, because for many years that was the only way in ArchiCAD to model them.
That said, I also use the one wall per floor because that is the way most walls are really build, and building them virtually as they build them on site has many advantages downline.
If you have a long term goal to make your models available to the construction company (and what is BIM about but sharing models), then your workflow should emulate as closely as possible the construction one.
I agree with Miguel, but then again I'm a geezer too 🙂 . On a practical level, building virtually as it will be built has many advantages as Miguel notes. To this I would add less problems when sharing files with consultants, particularly structural engineers.
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Thank you Erica and Miguel for your thoughts. I see clearly the advantage of one wall/one storey in AC, at the same it really is a five or six storey wall (to which we are not necessarily doing much, and in any case, when we do, one of the difficulties we confront is that it's the same wall from one storey to another - probably a local issue), and I wish it were easy to model thus.

Thanks again,

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