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IFC Help - Ceilings


Hi All, 


Having a bit of a nightmare with this one.... 


I have set up 3D views in a publisher set for easy exporting to IFC.  I have used all the same translator settings as usual & also tried others with no luck. All elements are classified properly to Archicad V2. 


Ceilings are turned on & visable in 3D views but when I export to IFC I lose all of my ceilings. They are currently modelled as slabs, other slabs in the 3D view export fine. each time I export I check with Solibri but no luck.... Can anyone help please? 


IFC Translator settings attached









Operating system used: Windows

Ricardo Lopez



I just replicated all the settings as you describe in your post but my ceilings appear correctly. Something else must be going on.

Before exporting:

  • Check if they appear in IFC Project Manager as they should (IfcCovering).
  • Check the Model filter in your Ifc translator so that Ifc domain is on, the structural function, etc.
  • ...

Also you could try to export using another default translator and, if it works, create a new one as a copy and change the settings you really need.

Many configurations are possible depending on your Ifc model needs*.


Regards. -

*You can always review the help chapter if may be you missed something.

M. Arch. Ricardo López
BIM Consultant | Project Solutions and Services | Panama
AC17-27 SPA+INT | Windows 11 | MSI WE75 9TK, 32GB, Nvidia Quadro RTX 3000

A fresh approach in the morning always helps! managed to fix this today,  I exported just the ceilings to IFC which told me that 100+ elements did not participate in clash detection..... not an error message I had got with previous attempts at exporting an IFC for this project.  Then investigated all ceilings and found the checkbox for "participates in clash detection" in settings.  Ceilings now export to IFC. 👍

Setup info provided by author