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Importing favorites as a prf in Archicad 26


favorites error.PNG

 I am trying to import Favorites into a new Archicad 26 project from another Archicad 26 project using prf files. Some of the favorites import perfectly but some only import the name with a question mark for the thumbnail. These favorites also have no data associated with them. For example, I will try placing a window favorite and it will insert a simple window opening instead of the unit.

Marc H

Favorites rely on the objects within the project or externally connected libraries. You can see if there is anything missing by looking at your Action Center, and/or going directly into the Library Manager, where you will find the detail.

It could be the placed objects chosen as favorites within the other project originated from an older AC version and so are not available to the current project without adding (connecting) the AC26 migration libraries to your PLN.

It could also be the window favorites may be unique objects within the other PLN's embedded library and so not available to the current project.  If so, you will want to place a copy of these objects into your office library so they are available across projects.  (The office library can be as simple as an external folder with GSMs, connected and loaded via the Library Manager. )


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Were you able to sort this out? Running into the same issue. I've got the Library Objects loaded and nothing missing in Action Center. But the Favorites PRF file won't load at all, thanks!


Screenshot 2023-12-06 at 18.08.29.png

Original poster has a different problem to yours.

Theirs was an issue with missing library parts.


Yours is just about capability of PRF between version.

Which is solved (or at least worked around) in your other post.




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