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Is it possible to make short stairs?


Hi, I'm trying to make stairs that are 2 meters on one side and about 4-5 meters on the other. When I make stairs in 2D they always end up too long and I can't seem to make them short as I want. It is also not possible to remove/delete what I do not want to include (if I make a staircase that is too long).

I can change the stairs manually so the steps are longer on one side and shorter on the other, but I wonder if it can be done automatically (se picture)?


Karl Ottenstein

In other words, you want stairs that form a trapezoid in plan view... thus having treads that are wider on one side than the other, somewhat like winders?


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possible to make but problematic for real use - everybody is used to walk about 63 cm at one step (2*riser+1 step = 63cm). If you design Your wish - it suits just in one walking line - other places will have other geometry and the possible danger for older people to fall.


Its an old problem at quater spirald staircases for example, but there is a defined line of walking - in Your wished design - there is no one.  


You can edit the steps (the step coverings - but not the stair-sturcture) . and text it with a label.

You can alternatevely design it with slabs, with morph and text it with extra Text.


A extreme example is the chinese wall - where every step and riser has different measures - and expecially for japanese tourists - its a real challenge to walk on that - seen by myself some years ago.




a complete different solution:  

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Ok, thanks for the replies!
Maybe I can do like in the movie (I haven't tried yet).


But if I continue to show pictures from my model, it is explained in the pictures what went wrong.

Thats a complete different story...  a complex situation but its to solve with the stairtool itself.. Its interesting - i think i will try it..


ok - first try: 



second try:


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Hello again! I'm back after the weekend.
I tried to do as in the first video, but I don't know which buttons are pressed so it doesn't work.

Regarding using "stairs", I find it strange that it isn't easier. As I wrote in the first post, it is not possible to make them as short as I want, but they are made a few meters longer than desired, then I do not manage to remove what I do not want to include.

In the last video the stairs go around which makes them bigger at the far end, great! But I only want stairs on one edge, the rest of the edges are flat.
Explains with another picture.


Also look at my new thread about ceilings:

Do you want to achieve something like that ?




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Yes, but only on one "pizza slice" not three.


Another try - more close now..


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I wish the commands were a little clearer in the videos, e.g. "Ctrl + C" etc. in the lower corner.


Since I only have a month to complete my model, I might consider "cheating a bit" when I finally render. I.e. cut out what is not right.
So it doesn't matter if parts of the model are slightly wrong if it is still not visible in the rendering.


The idea is that at a later date I will make it more precise and error-free.

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