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Keep the shadows from areas outside 3D cutaway?

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I have a question about 3D cutaways. I am researching a way to generate elevations that have true shadows cast on them from elements that are beyond a cutting line, and I think I am almost there.

As most of you probably know, when you view an object in 3D from say a marquee, anything outside that marquee wont cast a shadow. To try and get around this I tried to play with 3D documents and the 3D cutaway tool, and I noticed that when you first play around with the 3D cutaway, areas outside the cutway still cast shadows! UNTIL you finalize the cutway Sad

does anyone know how to keep the shadows from objects outside the cutway on even after you finalize the cutaway??

Did you ever get anywhere with this option? It's the been the bane of my life for years and I've posted several wishlists etc to Graphisoft, all to no effect. I did find a special shadow plugin, but it was only for the Japanese version. Naturally, I forget about it for a while till council calls up and 'urgently' need an elevation of the building showing the effects on the neighbouring properties. Also naturally, they don't accept 3D views...
Let me know how you went..

Warwick Lloyd-Martin
3 D E N V I R O N M E N T
Windows 11 Pro 64bit
ArchiCad 4.55>26 AUS
Lumion 12.5/2023

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