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Latest hot fix leaves a bug

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I had hoped that this quite serious bug would have been addressed in the lates hot fix:

I rely on the 'tracker', rather than the coordinates box - but it still has a habit of peremptorily switching itself off.

The result: my first 'drag' action works correctly.

But then, if I don't notice that the tracker isn't appearing on the screen when I type, in subsequent 'drag' actions the distance is random.

If this random distance is anywhere close to that intended, it can go unnoticed, which is potentially disastrous.


Archicad Ver 11 on Mac OSX 10.4.8
Tracker disappearing is only a symptom of a larger problem of loosing several work environment settings. It is not completely random as thera are some conditions in which it happens 100% of the time (ie, every time you drop in a DWG, etc, the WE settings are lost. Maybe also launching a new instance of AC also does it)

This has been going on since AC version 10, which makes me think that if they could not fix it in a version upgrade, a hotfix patch ain't going to catch it either. It is maddening and has been noted here several times before.
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2023 MBP M2 Max 32GM. MaxOS-Current
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One would have thought that it would be possible to ensure that the drag function still functioned correctly, even if the tracker had disappeared, which it is apt to do.

- Keith

Archicad Ver 11 on Mac 0SX 10.4.8

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