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MEP for AC27 - draw duct/pipe in section?


Hey all, coming to AC MEP as a revit user, so sorry for the basic questions!

1) can duct/pipe routes be drawn in section or elevation? can't find a way to do this so far, but works great in plan.

2) if I draw an angled duct or pipe (ie which slopes up or down at say 45 degrees) it appears as expected in plan when below the cut plane. However if it's above the cut plane at hight level and the 'relative floor plan range' is adjusted to include it (either an offset or by adding the story above) the 45 ducts don't appear! I can get horizontal ducts which sit above the cut plane to appear just fine though. Wondering if it's a bug or expected behaviour with the angled ducts?3d.jpgabove cp.jpgbelow cp.jpg


Operating system used: Mac Intel-based 27.02


Hey thanks for the reply 🙂


So for the missing ducts it's just a standard plan or rcp rather than a 3d view, so curious to know how a 3d isometric could be applied to a plan.


Are you thinking of View > 3d view options? I can see Axonometry there, which has the shortcut command + F3. 




Something for @Balint Kezer to dig in.

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This has been a problem since AC19. It was noted during Beta 21 but the response was "crickets".

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Balint Kezer

Hey @pangolin ,


Thank you very much for raising this issue! Yes unfortunately this has been how it was implemented back when the MEP Modeler was introduced with only a Symbolic representation being available. In Symbolic representation the elements are not sliced with the Cut Plane and it is basically an on/off setting for the parts of the route elements. 

We are working currently on a Projected representation for route elements currently, which will allow the customization of the 2D view for routes including the correct representation of the situation shown above.

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