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Memory Usage Error



When operating in the 3D view, the computer freezes and displays the message below. Does anyone know if this is a computer hardware/ software issue of if it is a specific CAD issue that others have come across? 




Gerry Leonor

depending on the size of the Archicad projects you have open (you've got 4), it will affect the computer's performance, seeing as you're using 98% of your memory. this might be a hardware limitation at your end.

perhaps closing down a few of those AC projects? or reducing the file size of those projects you have open? you can reduce the file size by reducing your project's loaded library for a start.  using libraries that do not have thousands / millions of polygons per object.

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Barry Kelly

It is a hardware issue.

You either don't have a lot of RAM available (to many applications open?) or check the available space on your hard drive - it may be very full.




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shouldn't be a RAM issue, there is more than enough to cope, the file size itself is only 44k. as for applications open, its really only Outlook, CAD, Teams and Chrome that are the main users. Thank you for your response


Does this happen across different projects? I feel like you might have an object in that project which is trying to calculate some rediculous thing in the background when it generates in 3D... Though even then I wouldn't expect it to cap 64GB, unless there are a great many instances of the offending object... What is your RAM usage on the floor plan?



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At the time of the error i only had 1 Archicad file open. I think we have diagnosed a corrupted file as it has now done the exact same on multiple computers. As the memory spikes, the number of CAD files climbs to (4) in the memory log... very strange. thank you for your response

Gerry Leonor

can you do a Polycount operation on each of those files you have open?
Window > Palettes > PolyCount



AC25 | Win10 | 64 bit | 16Gb RAM |Intel i7 8700 @ 3.20Ghz

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Hey Ling,

usage on any of the plan views is negligible, i think you could be onto something about the background generation view. It seems to open multiple instances of CAD by itself once the file freezes. Thanks for your response 

yep.... 348k,



Gerry Leonor



Teamwork file that's 509Mb in size.

looks like you've got a Godzilla object there, or two.

AC25 | Win10 | 64 bit | 16Gb RAM |Intel i7 8700 @ 3.20Ghz

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