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Missing Library Parts

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I took some ArchiCAD 9 drawing files home from my office computer and opened them up in my ArchiCAD 9 program in my home computer. When I did I was prompted with the library manger.It asked to load library parts. So I selected ArchiCAD 9 Library parts folder and then Library part file and then hit add and then done. The program will load most of the missing parts except for a few different style windows, like emergency escape window, direct glaze window??? How to I make these parts reappear. A dot represents where they should be in the drawing but their is no window shown in the drawing. I am able to select this dot and the tool info box opens for that type of window, but how do I get it to reappear in drawing? Please advise. Also, my translator I used and set up at the office is not present in my home program is this a file I must copy and put into my graphisoft file in my home computer? Please advise.
Thomas Holm
Save the .pln at office as .pla (archive) instead, take home, open and save lib parts in a folder.
AC4.1-AC26SWE; MacOS13.5.1; MP5,1+MBP16,1
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Good library management is something all newer users need to master. Are the missing library parts something that was purchased separate from the main library? In my case I keep these types of things in a office library. Bring that library home with you as well and load it along with the standard AC library. One other library should be loaded with all projects as a standard practice and that would be a project specific library which hold parts made specifically for a project that will not be used with other projects...

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