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Modelling site context / projections from below.

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I'm becoming familiar with AC again after many years away, and coming from a 2d workflow we're wrestling with display settings in the model. We can get the building envelope and internal information as we want it but we would show external site information (garden walls, outbuildings, street edges, external floor hatches, sometimes external FFE) up through all storeys.

I've looked through this forum and found some helpful tips. I can see that it is easy with roof items, where we can just choose 'Custom' and manually select the display to project to all upwards storeys. But with objects, slabs, walls etc. from what I can tell we have to edit the Floor Plan Cut Plane? (which presumably covers roofs as well anyway??)

However, when we extend the floor cut plane to storeys below we end up seeing walls and items below from inside the building envelope that we don't want to see. Windows, doors from a GF plan are appearing on a 1F plan. I'm not sure if this is also because we've been modelling walls on our multi-storey buildings as single walls that run up through the building (rather than stacking walls specific to each storey)?

This seems like a typical workflow so I'm hoping this is something many users come up against? Any comments/recommendations on how we can get external works information to show up through all storeys would be really helpful.

In an ideal world we'd like to be able to treat distant objects from a roof plan like you can with distant objects in elevations. Allowing us to override pens and hatches, so that objects more than one storey below can be shown in a lighter grey pen... But that's a 'nice to have', rather than an essential workflow for us...
Barry Kelly
Yes it would be great if all elements had the same "Show on storeys" settings as each other.
It has been wished for many times and has been noted by Graphisoft …

Maybe you can use multiple plan views and overlay them in your layout (make sure the drawings have a transparent background.
You won't be able to see this in the main Archicad plan window unless you turn on your trace reference and set that layout page as the reference.

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Thanks Barry. Sounds like the simplest way would be for us to overlay Drawings in a Layout like you suggest. I guess we could create a 'context plan' View solely to use as background on the floor plans, with a softer grey pen set to give us the effect we're after for distant objects.

Does seem like a strange work-around for something that I would think is typical for a lot of firms...
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