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Profiled Walls and Doors

Just wanted to point out that I've been less than enthusiastic about how PROFILED walls show in 2d.. Namely, I have always had issues that I simply CANNOT see doors placed in profiled walls...

Yesterday, a revelation came... I have (forever) used stories as a graphic MANAGEMENT tool and not a direct representation of vertical space.. So I have floors such as

Main Level

In a single story residence, each of these has a 0' HEIGHT TO NEXT...

By using 0' height stories, the mechanism for displaying windows and doors does not work.
I guess it never sees that floor plan cut plane...

I believe my concept is true and good to use the 0' Height to Next as I do want to have all my vertical dims based on FF for each of these stories... But I can see Graphisoft's need also..

Anyway, I just wanted to pass this along... I'll have to rethink my strategy for the next projects..

But if anyone knows how this can be circumvented, let me know.

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Barry Kelly
I guess because complex profile walls can not have 'Symbolic' floor plan display doesn't help - but it may have nothing to do with this at all.

I avoid the zero height storey situation by using more layers.
So my roof has its own layer and I simply turn on/off as required.
The same for clerestorey walls and windows, should you need a plan for these windows then just turn off the main wall layer and turn on the clerestorey layer.

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I appreciate your answers.. Maybe I'm just too OLD school having created "work arounds" for how it USED TO BE...

I'm not opposed to your recommendations.. but the clerestory walls WILL BE AN ISSUE with cleanup..
Yes, I can mess with the layer priority numbers for 35 or 40 Layer Combos... but seems more appropriate (in my paradigm) to have it's own story... Note that my window schedules are set to show STORY... so having a window tagged with the CLERESTORY label is also helpful...

At this point, it's one of those crossroads... Make money or totally re-invent my paradigm... I'll have to "ease" into it at some point.


Actually, I was kind of hoping that GS had just made a choice about 0' height stories and it COULD BE reversed easily (or maybe they just didn't know it was a thing!)..

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