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Removing bad complex profiles


I have had issues with my AC 25 file crashing everytime I try to change any object that is interacting with a series of complex wall profiles that I created. I am not sure why these complex profiles create problems as they are simple and use standard building materials. I also began this file in AC24 and never had this issue until upgrading to 25.


However, my biggest issue now is that I can not delete or replace these objects to make my file work again without crashing every time I do anything to them. If I was able to replace them, it wouldn't take much time to fix this problem, but I am not at a point in this project that starting a new file and copying over every other object is feasible.


Please advise on how I might get rid of these objects or solve why they are causing problems in the first place.



Barry Kelly

If you want to remove all instances of a complex profile (without having to select it), you could try the Attribute Manager.

Select the complex profile in there and then delete it.

You will be given the opportunity to delete - in which case any placed instances will become a 'Missing' profile that you will have to amend.

Or you can 'Delete & Replace' which will swap any placed instances for the new profile you choose.



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